The Alaska Drone Racing League (AKDRL) is having another indoor flying event at the Northway Mall of Anchorage on Sunday the 27th of November.  Aircraft are limited to single cell lipo airframes typically referred to as “Tiny Whoop” or “Inductrix”.  The AKDRL has configured creative obstacle course made of the PVC Forest of Trees and Air Gates for fun and excitement indoors.  Flying is currently scheduled for most Sundays from 2 – 6pm in the main area at the Burlington Entrance.  Check the website, facebook, MeetUp or DroneSquad mobile app.

There are vendors and shops around the flying area which makes it convenient for parents and participating young adults.

Each event will have a designated person in charge (PIC).  All pilots must check-in with the PIC before flying.  All participants are required / requested to be registered with the Academy of Model Aeronautics which is free for individuals 19 or under.  All pilots will be required to follow AMA safe flying practices and safety code, where there will be designated pit area, flight line and spectators area.  Local flying club officers will be at each event to assist anyone interested in learning more or registering.

For more information please call (888) 371-6853 Mark Slack or Steve Colligan

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